lecture: Minoru Yamasaki's Search for Fusion: Tranquility and Delight

lecture: Minoru Yamasaki's Search for Fusion: Tranquility and Delight

Minoru Yamasaki

Minoru Yamasaki’s Search for Fusion: Tranquility and Delight

When: Wednesday, May 25th
Where: Helen L. DeRoy Auditorium, Wayne State University, Detroit
5203 Cass Avenue
Time: 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Lecture Description:
Henry Guthard is a founding member of the Yamasaki firm with experience gained in four decades as design engineer, Director of Engineering and Director of Projects Management. Appointed by Yamasaki to serve as business manager of the New York World Trade Center project he specializes in the graceful blending of structural, mechanical and electrical engineering systems into the architectural concepts of Yamasaki buildings worldwide.

Mr. Guthard’s presentation will reflect upon the extraordinary character of Architect Minoru Yamasaki and his unending struggle to develop a new American esthetic; the influences which affected his designs; his triumphs and heartbreaks; his brilliant works at Wayne State University and his ultimate rise to rank among the world’s most celebrated Twentieth Century modernists.

For additional information and contact see: http://events.wayne.edu/2011/05/25/yamasaki-lecture-minoru-yamasaki-s-search-for-fusion-tranquility-and-deligh-32481/