Ralph Gerganoff

Ralph GerganoffRalph Stephens Gerganoff graduated from the University of Michigan in 1917 with a bachelor’s degree in architecture. After practicing in Wisconsin and Detroit, he opened an office in Ypsilanti around 1925. Over the next 40 years, his firm was responsible for a great proportion of the architectural work in Ypsilanti, including most of the Ypsilanti public school buildings, at least 12 buildings at Eastern Michigan University, Beyer Memorial Hospital, and a number of residences, churches, apartment buildings, and businesses. In Ann Arbor, the firm designed the Washtenaw County Building (1955), the Ypsi-Ann Building (later known as the Wolverine Building), Kingsley Apartments, and other buildings. St. Clement Ohridski Macedono Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church in Dearborn is one of the firm’s best known projects. Schools, churches, county courthouses, residences, and service stations were among the firm’s specialties. An album of the firm’s work before 1952 is found in the book Architectural Work and Designs by R.S. Gerganoff, in the printed collection.

After R.S. Gerganoff’s death in 1966, Stoyan T. Gerganoff took over the firm. He in turn was succeeded in 1980 by Zdravko T. Gerganoff, R.S. Gerganoff’s nephew, who had worked for R.S. Gerganoff during the 1950’s and who during the 1960s had opened his own architectural firm.