Robert Metcalf’s Home is for Sale

Robert Metcalf’s Home is for Sale

The longtime home of architect Robert C. Metcalf at 1052 Arlington, in Arbor Hills, is now for sale.

According to Gregory Saldana, Curator for a University of Michigan’s Taubman College of Architecture Exhibit in 2010 that that celebrated Metcalf’s work:


Bob Metcalf building his first house

“In 1952 Bob and his wife Bettie began constructing their own house on two lots in Ann Arbor at Arlington Boulevard. Both held day jobs and would meet at the job site in the afternoons. They worked along side each other in all aspects of construction including shoveling, mixing mortar, laying bricks and regularly having dinner on site. “

The Metcalf’s home served as the starting point for 68 more Metcalf-designed homes in Ann Arbor, as friends, neighbors, and colleagues  toured and visited, and were inspired by what they saw.