Film: Mendelsohn’s Incessant Vision

Film: Mendelsohn’s Incessant Vision

As part of the Jewish Film Festival: Mendelsohn’s Incessant Vision

Israel, Poland, USA, Germany, 2011, 71 minutes, English

He drew sketches on tiny pieces of paper and sent them, from the WW1 trenches, to a young cellist, who was waiting for him in Berlin. She thought he was a genius and helped him become the busiest architect in Germany. When the Nazis came to power, Erich and Louise Mendelsohn escaped Germany forever. The buildings which Erich built, scattered as a trail of their journey, have changed the history of architecture. This film is a cinematic meditation about the untold story of Erich Mendelsohn, whose life and career were as enigmatic and tragic as the path of the century.

SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER: Jennifer Perlove Siegel, Lecturer in Art History and Urban and Regional Studies at the University of Michigan, Dearborn.

Sponsored by Harlene & Henry Appelman and Penchansky Whisler Architects